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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Dynacache flight recorder wsadmin script

To debug problems or examine the performance characteristics of Dynacache over long runs, we use a wsadmin script to collect cache statistics exposed by the Dynacache mbean at a periodic interval. Looking at these statistics helps understand the state of the cache and troubleshoot  any performance issues in the operation of Dynacache. These statistics also help in tuning the cache and improving its effectiveness.

For those customers interested in a deep-dive of cache internals and operations and a wsadmin script for monitoring Dynacache I have provided the script here. The overhead of the script is less than 1%. It is retrieving current cache statistics from the Dynacache mbean. It is acceptable to run this script in a production environment.

The script accepts several parameters required and optional:
  -nodeName - The name of the server node. This parameter is required only if the server name is not unique in the cell.
  -cacheInstance -The JNDI name of the cache instance for which statistics will be collected.  If not specified, statistics will be collected for the  base cache only.  "*" indicates all cache instances.
  -sleepUnit -The unit for sleep intervals. Possible values: hours, minutes or seconds.  Default is seconds.
  -sleepInterval - The number of sleep units between polls.  Default is 10.
  -fileAppend - If specified, statistics are appended to the file, if it already exists.  Otherwise, the file is recreated. optional
  -csvSeparator - The character used for the CSV field separator. Default is ",". optional
  -cacheType - An optional filter on caches. A single character should be specified as its value. A value of w or W or m or M specifies WXS-DynaCache, whereas a value of t or T specified traditional Dynacache. By default there cache filtering is turned off. The filter can be conveniently used with the 'cacheInstance' parameter. A parameter combination "-cacheInstance * -cacheType w" will collect statistics for all the configured WXS DynaCache instances in the environment 

./wsadmin.sh -lang jython -f DynaCacheStatisticsCSV.py <SERVER_NAME> <LOG_FILE> "-nodeName <NODE_NAME> -cacheInstance <*|CACHE_INSTANCE_NAME> -sleepUnit <hours|minutes|seconds> -sleepInterval <SLEEP_UNITS> "

Sample Usage:
nohup ./wsadmin.sh -user -password -lang jython -f DynaCacheStatisticsCSV.py WC_wcsperf1 /wcsuser/scripts/dcmon/disk_cache_debug.log "-nodeName app11 -cacheInstance baseCache -sleepUnit minutes -sleepInterval 5" &

WC_wcsperf1 is the server name, app11 is the node name and /wcsuser/scripts/dcmon/disk_cache_debug.log is the file that contains the recorded statistics.

Please verify that the cache statistics file is being written too once the wsadmin script is kicked off. Once the test run is over suck the cache statistics log file into microsoft excel or open-office as a CSV file and graph the relevant statistics. Interpretation of the statistics will be in a subsequent blog post.

I encountered an issue with the script if servlet caching is not enabled. The Error was as follows
WASX7017E: Exception received while running file "C:\IBM\WebSphere70\scripts\DynaCacheStatisticsCSV.py"; exception information: javax.management.MBeanException
javax.management.AttributeNotFoundException: baseCache is not a valid cache instance name.

This is due to the fact the baseCache CacheInstances is not available if servlet Caching is disabled.
I had to modify the script to get it to function correctly without servlet caching enabled

sent the updated script to the author of this blog entry for review and possibly updating the script linked here
In the above post you mention that Interpretation of the statistics will be in a subsequent blog post. But I don't see any documentation.
I am going to start using your script above, and it would be handy to have some help interpreting the data.
Such a great article it was which the overhead of the script is less than 1%. It is retrieving current cache statistics from the Dynacache mean.In which the JNDI name of the cache instance for which statistics will be collected. If not specified, statistics will be collected for the base cache only. Thanks for sharing this article.

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